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(Interestingly, the mother’s family is one of the most common perpetrators of this effort.Platek told me research on families in hospital nurseries showed that the mother’s family members were the most likely to remark on how much the baby looked like the father.) It also felt regressive—that my husband would need our child to resemble him for him to get involved in parenting.“When the perception and the reality match, the child treatment is the highest.” The father will freely make paternal investments in the child.Apparently when you think the child looks like you, even the diapers don’t smell as bad, Platek noted jokingly. It seems like we’re all self-deceptive idiots massaging the egos of fathers in an effort to get them to take care of their own children.As time went on, their likeness grew even more pronounced.“She looks just like her dad,” everyone said, while I grimaced.Most important, I also have an ego and a face, and would like for people to tell me that my daughter resembles me.When I brought up my misgivings, a few of the researchers I spoke with said they saw all this research on fathers as evidence of things moving forward.

If she hadn’t looked just like my husband, I would have doubted she was mine.

“Men tend to invest more in children who (they believe) resemble them more; thus, children who look like their ‘social’ father—that is, like their mother’s husband—fare better than those who don’t,” Bressan told me.

“The problem is that a child’s biological and social fathers are not necessarily the same person.”Overall, “the evidence is slightly in favor [of babies looking like their dads],” says Steven Platek, an evolutionary psychologist who studies this topic.

“Just a carrier” is how my mother-in-law described herself.

“Strangest thing,” my mom said, “to have a baby who looks nothing like you.”That children look more like their fathers is a common idea.

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