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To be clear, African women (much like African ideas, resources, labor, and land) are included in the face of the World Beauty, but in large part do not benefit from its propagation.

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Nevermind that any man that ventures enough into interracial dating will find none of these characteristics are racialized; it is the kind of convenient and absolute narrative that quels any demand for introspection.Besides these evident byproducts of misogynoir, the real issue with these narratives is that they always arrive at vanity and are vain in essence.The fact of the matter is that love itself undoes vanity, and if it was vanity alone keeping black men from loving black women it would not stand much of a chance.Think of how love typically functions in the World.Communal interaction leads to courtship and courtship to marriage. Marriage establishes rights and obligations between spouses, as well as between them and any children resulting from the matrimony.

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