Midnightride dating

Ian introduces himself and she introduces herself as Katie realizing they're in one of the same classes together.

Katie explains the decorations are for the Halloween Dance that night, and he politely offers to help her set up.

Ian is standing on a ladder while stapling jack o'lanterns to the ceiling. Brad, rudely comes by and addressing her as "Babe" and asks her if she wants any help.

Annoyed she tells him no "babe" and they are almost done.

Betty Ann, Kiki and Frank all reluctantly sit down.

This knocks the decorations out of her hand spilling them on the ground and she snaps at him feeling annoyed.It was like everything he did sometimes he tried a little too hard.A pretty young girl is seen walking up to the school carrying a box of Halloween decorations.He then much to her annoyance puts his arm around her.Now he asks her if she going to the dance with him.

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