Mike myers dating

Ruzan encouraged Myers to create the “Austin Powers” character after he seemed to play the goofy Lothario role in their Hollywood home.

Myers called Ruzan “his muse” and based one of his most popular “Saturday Night Live” characters, “Coffee Talk” TV host Linda Richman, on Ruzan’s mother, Linda Ruzan, whose maiden name is Richman.Myers also appeared as Wayne Campbell in the music video for Ward's Canadian hit "Boys and Girls".The Wayne Campbell character was featured extensively in the 1986 summer series It's Only Rock & Roll, produced by Toronto's Insight Production Company for CBC Television.Myers and Ruzan filed for divorce in late 2005, after a relationship dating back to the late ’80s.They met at a hockey game in Chicago when Myers reportedly caught a puck that flew into the stands and used it as an icebreaker to make conversation with Ruzan.

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