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He then moves his attention back to her bra which he lifts over K's breasts without undoing the clasp.

K lets out a moan of satisfaction as her nipples jiggle and are now exposed to the air. I have now found the top of K's lace panties, I move my fingers under their silky top and begin to pull them down.

She immediately tells D to NOT stop pumping her cunt. I move back a little and grab each breast with a little too much force, K groans as I ram my cock between them.

C-c-cummmmmmiing." K pulls back, a little surprised at the pressure of the spurt from D. Just at that moment she feels the tension in her lower abdomen build and a electric spasm flows through her body making her clench her thighs around my head.

I am trapped as her juices flow over my face and down her inner thighs.

Not being able to decide she just leans back into D's arms and enjoys the ride.

D has now become hard and he positions his cock between the mounds of K's arse while beginning an up and down motion.

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