Muslim women dating non muslim women

– GFIC) were overjoyed over President Essebsi's decision.

The group's Muslim-Christian couples, whether in love or already married, parents or grandparents, could hardly find enough words to respond to the Tunisian government's decision to allow Tunisian (Muslim) women to marry foreign (non-Muslim) men.

Despite changes in legislation now allowing Tunisian Muslim women to marry their non-Muslim partners, many are still reporting difficulties when attempting to tie the knot.

What are the implications of this momentous announcement by the Tunisian president?Saloua is Muslim and is in love with Jeremy, a Catholic.When she heard the news, she thought it would be an ideal argument to use in her attempt to "convince her mother", who lives in Senegal.In their correspondence over the internet, she has listed "all the arguments given in the Koran" that prove their love to be impossible.In effect, the predominant interpretation of the Koran is that a Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman, but not vice versa.

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