Nate berkus dating stacy london

Now on your 3rd birthday, I watch in disbelief as you continue to grow phenomenally..

with grace, strength, audacity, intuition, belief, and authority. 3 years ago today life, love, possibility- all cracked open.

“We have waited for you, we already love you, and we as a family stand on the shoulders of so many people who have made it possible for families like ours to continue to grow.- Nate, @Jeremiah Brent and Poppy.”“Yesterday, life cracked open in a way I didn’t think it could again with the birth of our son Oskar Brent-Berkus. Poppy took part in the process all along, Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus surrogacy experience were wonderful.

Later Stacy started working at the “Mademoiselle” and had an opportunity to collaborate with such brand names as “Suave”, “Calvin Klein”, “Maytag”, “Cover Girl”, “Longines” and others.

What is more, London has worked with such celebrities as Rebecca Taylor, Liv Tyler, Vivienne Tam, Kate Winslet and others.

Jeremiah Brent also mentioned in an interview the behind story Poppy Brent Berkus name.

They added while we can’t share much we can say that thanks to a surrogate and the support of those we love we will officially be a family in the spring of 2015. How beautiful it all is.” That’s how Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s surrogate born Oskar came into this world.

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