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Okay, I know what you’re going to say—it’s what everyone says initially: “I’d rather die than have you interview my ex-dates!” But let’s face it: we live in a feedback culture today.NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – Forget dating apps or dating sites, a New York City realtor is putting herself out there by taking out ads to try to find a man.Ann Cutbill Lenane is a familiar face inside New York City cabs.Sure, I had to use my charm to get past his initial “there was just no chemistry” answer, but he opened up after a few gentle, probing questions.

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When I relayed this feedback to Sophie, at first she was surprised—then even a little angry at the wasted opportunity. After ten years of research, please believe me when I tell you that dating “exit interviews” are more empowering than embarrassing.You’re getting to know each other and everything is all giggly and new.And if you really like him, you probably want him to stick around. [Read: How to know you love someone early in your romance] How to handle a new boyfriend We always tend to treat a new relationship like it’s a glass egg—fragile and precious.I’m not suggesting that you become some saint and only talk when spoken to. But listen, a relationship and the fact that you’re in one isn’t something precious that you need to handle carefully. Once you like someone, you just want to jump their bones.Though, there are some things you can do if you want to keep the mystery going for a little while longer. So many of us are scared to speak our minds in front of someone we started dating because we don’t want to lose them. Plus, if they can’t stand your opinions, that’s already a huge problem. This isn’t a bad thing, but why do you need to rush?

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