Nintendo ds dating sim games list

Of course we're all insane to consider a franchice that centers around cock fighting kid-friendly just because the characters spout BS about friendship.

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It's got splashes of blood, skeletons, monsters and so on, but the story of the game is simple to almost non-existant, and the 2D graphics (while fantastic looking) don't present the monsters and world in a very adult way. they are just the same game with tiny little upgrades- fighting with 2 pokemon, playing over wifi in a dungeon (pointless),..I mean the graphics have gotten better, but that is a result of better tech. they could take the franchise to a new level if they just made something new, but instead all of their games are too damn similar. Well there are not too many Otome games on the Nintendo DS to begin with, especially ones that are English translated.The two biggest and well known ones are the harvest moon series and rune factory series.and Barnum & Bailey - Circus Friends - Asian Elephants (US)(Xeno Phobia)Ringling Bros.and Barnum & Bailey - It's My Circus - Elephant Friend (E)Rio (DSi Enhanced) (E)Rio (DSi Enhanced) (U)Rise of the Guardians (E)(EXi Mi US)Rise of the Guardians (U)(EXi Mi US)Rittai Picross (JP)(Caravan)River City - Super Sports Challenge (U)River City Soccer Hooligans (U)River King - Mystic Valley (U)(SQUi RE)Riz-Zoawd (J)(Caravan)Road to Vegas (EU)(EXi Mi US)Roary - The Racing Car (E)Roary the Racing Car (EU)(BAHAMUT)Robbie Konijn - Leren Lezen en Schrijven - 5-8 Jaar (Nl)(Xeno Phobia)Robocalypse (U)(Xeno Phobia)Robots (E)(Trashman)Robots (J)(Mode 7)Robots (U)(Trashman)Rock Band 3 (E)Rock Band 3 (U)Rock Blast (U)(SQUi RE)Rock Revolution (EU)(M9)(EXi Mi US)Rock Revolution (U)(Xeno Phobia)Rockin' Pretty (US)(Suxxors)Rockman EXE - Operate Shooting Star (JP)(BAHAMUT)Rockman EXE 5 DS - Twin Leaders (J)(WRG)Rock Man Zero Collection (J)Rockman ZX (J)(WRG)Rockman ZX Advent (J)(Independent)Rollercoaster Park (E)Rollin' Rascals (US)(BAHAMUT)Rondo of Swords (U)(EXi Mi US)Roogoo Attack!

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