Non muslim man dating muslim women

3) Loss of rights Islam ensures certain rights to women, which in an interfaith marriage cannot be guaranteed because the husband is under no obligation to ensure these rights are protected.This includes, but is not limited to, the right to freely practice her faith, the right to a mehr , the right to keep her name after marriage, the right to retain her earnings, the right to have her husband provide for her and their children, etc.

1) Preservation of the Ummah Since we live in a patriarchal system there is a need to maintain a certain order under that system.

4) Implications on family law Islamic law provides guidance regarding various topics within family law.

This is of particular significance in regards to interfaith marriages as it includes matters of divorce, child custody, and inheritance.

What People Say: Traditional Thought Traditionally, the answer has been no, the reverse situation cannot be assumed for Muslim women.

The argument is that if men are expressly given permission to marry women of the Book then women must also be given express permission in order to do the same. Many provide justifications as to why this traditional view has been upheld.

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