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Glamour and theatricality became reality when the American film star Grace Kelly became a chatelaine of the palace in 1956.

In the 21st century, the palace remains the residence of the current Prince of Monaco.

Thus while other European sovereigns were building luxurious, modern Renaissance and Baroque palaces, politics and common sense demanded that the palace of the Monegasque rulers be fortified.

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The Grimaldi ruled the area first as feudal lords, and from the 17th century as sovereign princes, but their power was often derived from fragile agreements with their larger and stronger neighbours.The most remarkable room in the suite is the Mazarin Room.This drawing room is lined with Italian gilded and painted polychrome boiseries by craftsmen brought to France by Cardinal Mazarin, who was related by marriage to the Grimaldi.The following room, the largest of the state apartments, is the Throne Room.Its ceiling and frescoes were executed by Orazio de Ferrari and depict the surrender of Alexander the Great.

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