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The location is safer than some other Hotels in Athens city. Very tired on arrival and airline had damaged my bicycle ( cycling trip ). The breakfast was great, the room clean (although a bit dated and with several defects), they changed our towels dayli and the location was great.

The breakfast was sumptuous and the breakfast area was clean, bright and welcoming. Reception checked me in early, and got me sorted with a good local repair shop. The staff was ok and the receptionists spoke very good English We picked the last room and it was a heavy stormy and rainy day. Located in the heart of Athens, opposite the National Theater and the Church of St.

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Greece and Turkey were once at the epicenter of great empires: places where armies converged in vicious battles, legends were born and died, and great societies prospered and withered.

There is also included in this chapter work that has been missed in some of the other coverage in this volume.Most of it was built in nine years (447- 438 BC), at an extravagant cos In spite of its size, 17 columns on each side and 8 at each end, the Parthenon appears light and airy.This is because the architect was a magician of optical illusions - each column is slightly thicker in the middle, making the entire column appear straight and graceful.Inner columns were added to help support the massive roof.The Erechtheum is said to be the tomb of a legendary king of Athens.

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