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You see, she’s a sorority girl, which makes me a GDI. If my roommate can’t find one or is just feeling generous, sometimes I get to be her date.

My roommate, on the other hand, rushed fall semester of freshman year. If it’s a bad pic, we’ll make you take 15 more until we find our correct angles. But with sorority girls, they have photo-worthy events every week.

Reflect on questions like these before making a final decision to make sure you wouldn’t regret leaving. You’re not going to enjoy every event your sisters plan, every fundraiser you throw or every party you’re expected to attend.

These events sometimes carry a huge bonus, though; they can introduce you to people with whom you share similar interests, who support the same cause the fundraiser event is supporting or who have connections that can take you places. ) There may be alumnae who work for a company that you’re dying to intern at or work for.

“A lot of girls really don’t see the value in a lifetime membership,” says Julie Johnson, College Panhellenic Committee Chairman for the National Panhellenic Conference.

She says the experience of being in a sorority extends long after you graduate your school or university.

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