Ps3 go online without updating

Games that Steam doesn't support however can not be translated over to Steam.Quite a few games are on Steam though, including EA recently adding a…Hallo people I have a working PSM assistent without updating to 3.50 from 3.36 1. Copy the files with the ps3 package manager to your ps3 5. On pc: stick the vita with your usb cable to your pc and open qcma 7.Downloading a PKG with the PSM assistent from the Internet (Google) 2. On Ps vita go to the contentmanager and open it (byepass for update) 8.Without Steam you cannot even start up the game (believe me I've tried) and so you're totally at the mercy of your school's internet.

Call of Duty Black Ops requires a Game Disc or purchase of a Download to play online and is not a game that you just go to a site and play You need the disc in your cd drive because then there is no way you can store your data when finished on the game.Stick out the usb cable and stick on the ps3 and copy the file to your ps vita 9.The Psm assistent worked without updating the ps vita Sorry for my bad English I hope a can help Thanks for the tutorial, just tried it with my CFW ps3, had to go from Rogero-Cobra 4.46 to the latest REBUG but successfully got the Dev Assistant running on my 3.18 vita, even used the pkg installer to update it to the 1.14 version.60 000 ppl play Cs 1.6 on Steam imagine how many ppl play non staem, cuz this game is free, u can download it for free.I paid to steam 10 dollars for this game, when i could get it for free.

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