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It is further learnt that King Hussein’s wife Queen Noor, had planted beautiful male staffs to seduce Princess Haya while she also had on drugged Prince Ali on a regular basis with the notorious agenda of clearing the road to the throne for her own son.

It is even learnt that Princess Haya did not visit her father King Hussein during his treatment at the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

"The minute Rania walked in, I knew it right there and then," says Abdullah who was an army officer at the time.

"It was love at first sight." His wife is more circumspect.

"She covers areas that I am unable to dedicate much time to." Rania says she relies on her background to connect to her own countrymen—and women.

"I understand where they are coming from," she says.

Rania praises Abdullah's "really good" barbecue skills; he defers to her modern decorating sense in the hilltop palace they moved into last year.

As the marriage with the horse-trainer became uncertain due to King Hussein’s precondition of religious conversion, Princess Haya fled Jordan along with her lover and lived in Paris for many years.

She returned to Jordan only after the death of her father – King Hussein.

(The family also spends time in England and the Jordanian resort of Aqaba.) Yet, in a region where women traditionally have had a limited voice, "she has a natural ability to reach out," says Abdullah, 43, who unexpectedly ascended the throne in 1999, when his cancer-stricken father, King Hussein, changed the line of succession shortly before he died.

(His mother is Hussein's second wife, Princess Muna.) "We really work as a team," he says.

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