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That is, the passwords were stored in plaintext format. Such as there were passwords like “asdasd,” or “666666,” which are not only weak but also quite easy to brute-force.

When the site conducted data verification process in collaboration with Russian media and journalists including Xakep.ru’s Maria Nefedova, it was identified that data was authentic.

This time, it’s from Rambler, a Russian website and email service that’s essentially a version of Yahoo.

The hack dates back to 2012, and 98 million accounts had their information exposed, including usernames, email addresses, and passwords, according to Leaked Source, a data breach monitoring service.

it is called and today, it is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The popular Russian website has reportedly been a victim of a security breach and data hack back in the year 2012.

" After a while, you might start questioning your own sanity in doing the thing which everybody, including your dates in this Internet rendezvous, consider strange enough to request explanations.

A Russian social media site, VK.com, was hacked in late 2012 or early 2013 and exposed the data for its entire user base.

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