Reese witherspoon dating two guys

Tuck and Lauren's first date is full of sparks and promise.

Together, their unrivaled flair, formidable covert abilities, and good looks, make them the best of the best among CIA agents.This Means War is almost like two different movies.My character's in a comedy and Chris Pine's and Tom Harvey's are in a big action film." Reese Witherspoon also appreciated the two sides of Lauren."At work, Lauren is the most decisive woman in the world, but in her personal life, she's very indecisive.I think a lot of people can relate to her feeling of, 'Am I picking the right guy for me.'" It's a tough choice, to be sure, because her suitors are handsome, smart, romantic... For generations, movie audiences have been entertained and beguiled by the thrills, chills and sex appeal of super spies.

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