Russian singles dating in new york

They attended colleges that were majority male.” Want to increase your chances of getting hitched?

Head to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (72 percent male) or Georgia Tech (66 percent), two institutions with way more guys than girls.

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Other cities especially brutal for single women are Houston; Providence, RI; and Raleigh, NC.

“It’s a myth that men enjoy the chase,” Birger says.

Slaving away in p.r., education, nursing, event planning or other female-dominant fields? “Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld reports that 10 percent of Americans meet their future spouses at work,” Birger says.

“This notion that the only area of life you shouldn’t issue an ultimatum in is romance doesn’t make sense.” Researcher John Molloy interviewed 3,000 couples right after they got their marriage licenses and found that 60 percent of the women were prepared to walk away if their guy suddenly declared he wasn’t ready.

The aggressive women are the ones more likely to get the guy.

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