Ryan merriman dating

Spencer and Abs Toby are sorting through Dead Creepy Pedo Ian’s stuff, when they come across his old yearbook. Isn’t Creepy Pedo Ian virtually the same age as Aria’s current boyfriend (give or take a year or two)?

On , Brent wrote in his tweet that when it rains, he wanted to forget all his responsibilities to watch movies and cuddle with the girl that he didn’t have.

telling her not to hang out with her PLL friends EVEN on school grounds, forcing her to meet up with her bratty little brother after school to “give him the keys,” giving her dating advice. It’s enough to make a girl want to rebel, by screwing a guy seven years her senior.

Reminisces About Her “Goth” Days Aria is on a mission to rescue Bratty Little Brother Mike from The Darkside. Back when Aria had (gasp) PINK HAIR she was SUPER “dark.” So, when Aria heads to find her Bratty Little Brother on the basketball court, and learns he HASN’T PLAYED IN MONTHS .

Media personality Brent Rivera is single now that doesn’t mean he hasn’t dated anyone in his past.

This week, on PLL, the girls began to wonder whether “A” was, not just an EXTREMELY busy individual . And, really, if you think about it, this seems like the ONLY logical explanation.

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