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Neither can religion, for that matter, yet most people believe in some form of religion.Astrologers have been observing correlations of “As Above, So Below” for centuries, resulting in a tremendous body of knowledge.As a result of their efforts, a considerable body of knowledge and astrological lore was accumulated and recorded.Early man gazed at the planets and stars and discovered that their positions in the heavens and their distances from each other were constantly changing, and that those changes formed patterns which were repeated and predictable.Sample Personality Profile Report Back to Astrology Profile Reports Information Birth Chart Interpretation for Bono May 10, 1960 AM Dublin, Ireland Cafe Astrology https://INTRODUCTION: NATAL CHART Astrology/astronomy is the oldest recorded science known to man.Much precious space has been given to recording the appearance, disappearance, and cyclical movements of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars in early man’s tedious efforts to communicate his history AND his ideas to future generations.However, this was not the purpose of their observations.The astrologer’s responsibilities were to provide their priests and rulers with favorable and unfavorable times for religious and social activities, and for the affairs of state.

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There are literally thousands of variables in the natal chart alone, and each individual will usually have less than a hundred of these variables in his or her chart. Practically everyone knows his or her own Sun-sign.

Thanks to the diligence of the ancients for preserving the records and to the enormous capacity of computers to store and sort information, today’s Astrologer can cast a better chart and interpret it more accurately and completely than ever before.

The Natal Chart interpretations are found by computing the astrological data for the date, time, and place of your birth.

Even more modifications can be expected from the aspects of the Sun to the other planets and to the Ascendant and Midheaven, from what “Mode” and “Element” it is in, and by the house positions of the sign Leo, which is “ruled” by the Sun.

When you take all these things into consideration you can certainly see that there is much, much more to your identity than your Sun-sign.

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