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Data analyses revealed a comparable affect modulation of startle responses for both groups.However, BPD patients showed a significant reduction of their startle response magnitudes during imagery but not during reading relative to controls.S/s and s/l, but not l/l, individuals showed reliable conditioned startle potentiation but only s/s individuals showed reliable resistance to extinction.All 5-HTTLPR genotypes showed reliable SCR conditioning.According to the subsequent memory, approach trials of the encoding phase were sorted according to memory performance (remembered vs. Behavioral data indicated greater recognition probability for emotionally arousing pictures relative to neutral pictures.Confidence ratings were higher for emotional pictures compared to neutral pictures.MEMORY ENCODING OF EMOTIONAL AND NEUTRAL PICTURES: AUTONOMIC, BEHAVIORAL AND ELECTROCORTICAL RESPONSES Mathias Weymar1, Christiane A. In a passive picture-viewing paradigm 90 stimuli (30 unpleasant, 30 neutral, 30 pleasant) were presented for 3 seconds to 15 volunteers.After one week, participants returned to the laboratory for a memory test.

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After staying abstinent from caffeine for at least 12 hours, subjects received the above solutions on four separate occasions.24 hours later participants returned for an extinction session.Startle blinks and skin conductance responses (SCR) were recorded.The aim of this study was to assess psychophysiological responding to emotional scripts.In 18 unmedicated patients with BPD and 18 healthy controls, startle responses were recorded while the subjects were first reading and then imagining standardized and personalized scripts with different emotional content.

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