Sasha scam dating

Whenever the time is right, usually they’ll ask, like, ‘What are you doing?

’ Then I’ll tell them the story and sign them up.” From that point on, there’s a rigorous consultation process, wherein Silberberg uses the research of Helen Fisher, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, and Gary Chapman — as well as her own intuition.

Rhodes’s description of what happened next seems downright gleeful; he used terms like “ingenious” to describe the gambit, and admitted “it worked like a charm.”“And what a sight he was!Besides her trips around town, she’s also found additions to her “matchbook” — a journal of potential set-ups — at Dolores Park.Wearing a dress decked out hearts and glitter and toting a basket she describes as “pimped out with flowers,” she chats up park-goers about their lives and work.For Silberberg, a San Francisco matchmaker, those freewheeling discussions sometimes turn into business, with people recommending she set up their friends.She says she never has to pitch passengers — her car does the work for her.

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