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I once stumbled across the CEO of Firefox and one of the Winklevoss twins. Which is great, if you spend your life travelling to all these fun, exotic cities.However if you’re like me – rich in Insta followers, but really just a gal with a lot of free time on a Friday night looking for someone to share a bottle of red with over a bowl of pasta and some sort of chocolate dessert –Raya can get pretty frustrating pretty quickly.I was then told I’d be notified should my application be successful. A few nervous days went by and after some constant refreshing I received a message telling me I had been accepted. I had been given the password to the secret dating club for the rich and famous. You see, whilst they may sell it as a “dating app for people in the creative industry”, what they Raya puts Tinder to shame. And every screen on the app has your Instagram handle watermarked in the background – so if something gets out, they know who leaked it.From famous actors to DJs, restaurateurs to professional athletes, every single swipe brings you another supremely attractive or very successful singleton. I guess it’s to protect the A-listers’ privacy and keep the whole thing as exclusive as possible but boy, I really shat my pants the first time I got busted.Going by the hunch of her visions, Clare makes her way into the park's woods in hopes of finding Marks kids.Her search not only turns up the kids, but looking for their little dog after had also led her to a pink princess body.What’s the use of making a connection with someone halfway across the world? And that’s if you even get past “Hey.” Something a lot of Raya users lament is the fact that nobody bloody talks to you!

“You’ll want to be on this one.” A dating app like no other, Raya is more like a secret society: harder to get into than NASA and more exclusive than Soho House.

Her ex-husband has contributed a bag of African coffee beans with alleged magical properties, and his octogenarian mother is giving out readings of the grinds.

But Clare remains skeptical—until she receives a vision that helps her find a young model’s body in the park’s woods.

If she doesn’t solve this mystery fast, those magic beans predict an unhappy ending.*Once Upon a Romance It's a Fairy Tale Week in New York City and Central Park is hosting the festival.

To get into the spirits, Clare Cosi has given her coffee truck and its employees a Jack and the Beanstalk appeal.

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