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Coffee shops in my most honest opinion and years of experience in dating are probably the safest bets.1.Women consider it a "safe and secure" place to meet guyson first dates. The best part is, once you create these, multiple people are going to be able to purchase the rights to use your work, which will continuously earn you money. When you join our service, we’ll teach you how to take simple pictures with your camera, and easily create drawings that you can sell.

My blog is filled with highly valued dating advices most people would pay for. Dominant men exude power, and you should by now, women are easily attracted to those with power. If you learn how to project the most subtle gestures, voice, or attitude of a dominant male, women will instantly be attracted to you subconsciously. Go on Youtube and study their personality and behavior. There's never shakiness or hints of uneasiness in their voice, neither have they ever lost sight of their life direction. There's a reason why they're power-movers in their respective industry. You might wonder why I’m telling you this, but here is the reason: Artwork, drawings and photographs tend to increase in value as time goes on.Heck, you don’t need to be talented at ALL if you follow our instructions, it is still possible to make money.

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