Sedating triple warmer

I can trust myself as a perfect and luminous Creator. The light of this awareness has been slowly dawning over the past few years, as I've come into the recognition that every experience is a perfect gift from my Higher Self, my Spirit. Every incident, occurrence, event, "accident", etc. carries with it an opportunity for healing, enhanced awareness, spiritual growth for yourself and others involved. When we are able to recognize the perfection of our own creations, we can identify and claim the gift(s) in any situation.

When we perceive from this level, we shift our narrative from stories of suffering to tales of transformation.

Over time, this energy started to travel in specific paths and began to be more formed and mapped in the body’s energy field.

These specific paths were organized to specific organ centers and when one path ended, another began.

Specific energy roadways that run through the body are created as a polarity pairs – yin/yang, male/female, or fear/trust.This imbalance created a suppressed immune system which can lead to illness in the body.I have learned, since then, to rebalance this system through energy healing techniques which included energy based psychology.You will get a sense of relief especially if you dig your fingers into your shoulder blades. For details on how to do this see Donna Eden’s video on sedating triple warmer.

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