Seven deadly sins of dating

Lying to your partner immediately puts strain on your trust.It doesn’t matter if anyone finds out about the lie.

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The nature, the gravity, or even the circumstances of the lie doesn’t even matter. It will always be that much harder to know if anything either of you says is true.Relationsh*ts are when relationships become anything but healthy, loving, or functional.When you’re in a relationship built around the basics of love and respect, you never find yourself second guessing anything. You also won’t be paranoid, insecure, or assume the worst. Once someone cheats in a relationship, the trust is broken. Healthy relationships don’t orbit around the cheating-and-broken-trust sun, no matter how badly you would like them to.It’s great that you tune in to your friends, family, and quickly text your partner that you need them to pick up milk, but it’s not the way for you to communicate on a daily basis, especially not to your partner.Sending a heart-shaped emoji is not the same thing as saying “I love you” in person.

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