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Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 1,470 | Tags: cheating humiliation healing rediscovery fucking | 16 Comments "I'm in a meeting, darling. I went ahead and ordered two large glasses of Chardonnay anyway. ~~~ It had all started at some dreary Chamber of Commerce event in one of the local boutique hotels. Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,557 | Tags: lesbian married hotel fucking | 14 Comments Taking an impromptu day off work never felt so good.So I’m sitting, watching the condensation form on the outside of the glass, running in tiny rivulets as I anticipated... She's so fucking beautiful, amber eyes wild as she struggles naked on her marital bed against the silk scarf that secures her wrists. husband." I flick my gaze down to meet hers, flashing with anger.I was aware that she had a crush on me, however despite her perfect figure, bright smile and magnificent tits. “I don’t suppose that made one iota of difference to her. Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 4.85 | Words: 2,050 | Tags: spanking blow job fingering straight sex cheating riding sex | 8 Comments Caught...Regardless of how boring my marriage had been for as many years as it'd been boring, I had always been faithful when it came to not cheating on my wife.After a year of me chasing her I had given up and had gone on to Tinder.

Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 4.95 | Words: 1,345 | Tags: sex stepdaughter orgasm cheating | 12 Comments All I see are brown eyes. I desperately look into his eyes, begging them to be blue or green, anything but brown. He twists my nipples, rubs my clit raw, and thrusts his better-than-average cock inside my desert-dry pussy and I feel nothing....In addition, we have recently improved the webchat so that without installing any app on your smartphone you can access from the browser to the room you want to use.Today it's something we take very seriously, we try to make all the rooms quality because there are always trolls in these places, so we try to keep the canals out of contamination.Her breath snorts hot against the hand I've clamped across her mouth, the phone in my other. "Sorry to bother you so early, but she won't be coming...Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,020 | Tags: restraint tease ass licking spanking vibrator denial fucking | 20 Comments surprise sex with a stranger Throughout July I’d been extremely horny — and I mean more than normal.

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