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Free popcorn and peanuts and Coca-Cola and a Corvette up close and personal. Nobody who took Consumer Reports seriously — and I do to this day — could do otherwise.

The whole town would show up but, after the open house, the Corvette would go back on a truck and head off down the Mother Road. To buy American was sort of like piling your money in the front yard and setting it on fire. I never had a mechanical problem with a VW and the gas mileage was great for the times.

The times I was lucky enough to be with César Chávez personally, I had no doubt the honorific attached to Gandhi fit Chávez.

In English, “great soul.” I quickly learned that most of Chávez’s funding came from the United Auto Workers, the fiercely independent union that had seceded from the stodgy AFL-CIO.

Most economic activity is centered in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

Both the Cherokee Nation, where I was a citizen, and the Muscogee-Creek Nation, where I was born and raised, abutted on the Tulsa metro area from different sides.

It was naturally an opportunity to meet young people of the opposite sex, something that could be a very big deal in some tribes with shrinking populations combined with complicated, clan-based incest rules that severely limited dating opportunities.

It’s best to ask around on the particular rez.) Photo credit: Steve Russell Foreign cars made few appearances where I lived, in recently stolen Indian country, where there were tribal headquarters buildings for each rez before the Great Theft of 1907 that made Oklahoma. The Mother Road was our main street in Bristow, OK, literally.All the reservations in Oklahoma save one — the Osage — were made to disappear with Oklahoma statehood in 1907.The Osage had enough oil to buy enough Congresscritters to keep their mineral rights, if not their surface rights, as a collective holding rather than what happened to the rest of us.Renaults and Simcas were sold in Tulsa, but we seldom saw them.So my world was divided among Fords and Chevys and Mo Par, principally the first two. I came from a family that would rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy. Every year, the local Chevy dealer got the loan of a Corvette during an open house to introduce the new models. Then I discovered foreign cars and pretty much swore off Detroit Iron for years.

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