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For Eighteen years the American military has fought the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS from the Hindu Kush to the Philippines Seas and most lands in between.The one common denominator between those Jihadi scum is their view on smoking cigarets.If you do, you shouldn’t, you should get outside more and while outside pause, look up into the sky and think about our hero Droney.He (or she or zir…Droney was unarmed and PC) is giving the Mullahs fits to this day and that is a record to be proud of.But the Oregon/Auburn game will be over by midnight Saturday; what are you going to be excited about then?You can get excited about whatever, but at some point during the weekend festivities,you might might want to take a second to remember the sacrifice of Drone Mc Droneface.They are militantly anti-smoking, as in cut off your fingers for smoking, anti-smoking.

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Efficiency in digesting complex news about international events can be difficult, so I’m doing my part to make it easier with simple stores about complex things I think I know something about.

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