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When I tried to set up an account on the Oasis website, it referred me to the test account I had set up in RLC: Please note that while you will be able to log in using the same credentials as RLC2, your RLC2 account is not linked to Oasis.

RLC2 and Oasis are two different ‘service providers’ on the same network.

I checked.) You can switch from desktop mode to VR mode by hitting the F12 function key on your keyboard.

(You’re also supposed to be able to switch back by hitting F11, which never worked for me.) In VR mode, I found I could teleport around, but not turn.

So, if you’re really interested in Oasis, here’s their website, have at it!

Oh, and did I mention that one of their two in-game currencies is called “Booty”? The jokes just write themselves, people.) And, if you want to unlock, ahem, But, lemme tell ya, VIP membership ain’t cheap: So, what do I think of all this?

6, and are viewable on a new virtual platform called Oasis.!

) First, there appears to be some sort of relationship between Oasis and another adults-only virtual world I had profiled earlier, called Red Light Center (that link is safe for work).

“Tonight, is a special sneak preview of a project that I produced and directed called the Pornhub Games,” Holo Film President Anna Lee told XBIZ.It’s boring as hell, and why you would need or want to be in Oasis just to watch a video is beyond me.Why impose an extra layer of unnecessary technology to do something that can easily be done on the desktop? 28th: Well, it would appear that Oasis is having a little trouble attracting users.Pornhub and Holo Film Productions will tonight present the first episode of the inaugural Pornhub Games, hosted by Asa Akira and sponsored by Chaturbate.The Pornhub Games consist of six episodes leading up to the Pornhub Awards on Thursday, Sept.

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