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On the newest beta version I installed (only a few days in to learning my stuff), it goes like this: Cheery little beast, isn’t it?The ending goes like one of those elegant irrational numbers with the repeating decimal-place patterns. 118.19, “any person seeking to teach in a public school, including a charter school, or in a school or institution operated by a county or the state shall first procure a license or permit” from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors.This allows Pandoc to effectively export to Adobe In Design.

That day, and at the Bi B conference proper that followed, there were numerous references to machine cognition, algorithmic poetry, spambots, twitterbots, and the myriad non-humans that co-habit our social and literary spaces these days. The Coach House is in the public eye this year, as publisher Stan Bevington and his colleagues celebrate the Gold anniversary of the press.The Coach House has for fifty years been known as a central crossroads of avant garde literature and the printing arts.If you look at that list, you’ll see that Pandoc can form the basis of a single-source publishing workflow: a single editorial file can instantly go to print/PDF, ebook, and web outputs. This spring in the MPub Tech Project course, our “Flying Narwhal” group developed a prototype content- and workflow-management strategy based on Pandoc, targeting web magazines, tablet editions, and print editions. Beyond file conversion, Pandoc has numerous well-thought out features for managing document metadata, citations and bibliographies, footnotes (possibly the nicest footnoting system ever), math and equation support, images, and page templates. If you’re producing books, stories, journals, articles that are primarily text-driven, and you’re managing multiple tools and processes to produce digital and print editions, you really need to take a good look at Pandoc.Earlier in the year, I delivered a set of workshops for EBound Canada demonstrating Pandoc’s use in EPUB production. It makes most document preparation, conversion, and production tasks trivially easy, so you can spend your time on writing, design, and reach instead.

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