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John the Baptist Catholic Church was completed and dedicated June 24, 1889.It was located on the corner of Boulevard and First Street.The Edmond paper is Oklahoma’s oldest continuously published newspaper and the hometown voice of Edmond during its territorial days.The newspaper’s first location was in a small wooden-frame building at 109 N. First Public Schoolhouse – Edmond has always made the pursuit of an Education a strong priority.In 1904, Territorial Normal became Central State Normal School. It replaced Edmond’s first cemetery (1889-1895) that was illegally placed in an area of the school land section on the east side of South Rankin from Second to Fifth Streets.Gracelawn is the final resting place of noted civic leader and publisher Milton “Kickingbird” Reynolds, and is the final resting place of many Edmond pioneers.The Territorial Legislature located the new school in Edmond, provided certain conditions were met.

24, 1890, when the Territorial Legislature voted to establish the Territorial Normal School.Howard’s Drug was the location of Edmond’s First Telephone.First Sidewalks – In 1902 the City Council ordered that all sidewalks were to be built of brick, asphalt or flagstone. First Edmond Fire Company – The first Edmond Fire Company was organized in 1903 with John Sumner as captain.This was the first church building constructed in the Unassigned Lands of Indian Territory.A replica building, now housed in the Edmond Historical Museum was created by the Knights of Columbus organization at exactly one quarter the scale of the original as an Edmond Centennial Project, 1989. John the Baptist Church opened its doors for mass just two months after the run June 24, 1889.

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