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The gathering wasn’t really about dating or finding romance.The aim was to give these older adults an opportunity to meet new people and make new connections.Already the talk between pairs had taken off, and she had to pause a few times to make sure everyone understood how the process worked.Although the flyer promoting the event sported the tagline, “Come to Mingle and Don’t Leave Single!If there was a spark, or a friendship connection, it should be indicated on the sheet, and if both sides match, there would be an exchange of contact information. Some choose to be more creative, starting off with “If you were a wild animal, what animal would you be?” As each table switched over, it became clear that the focus was not just on the participants, but on those watching the events from the side.

Along with Schlafly Beer and the Watering Bowl, the Royale is hosting this night where you drink an APA for the APA while you check out adorable adoptable dogs and puppies in their courtyard.

”, and while a few men confessed to Firestone that they hoped “to meet my next wife,” Kurland was quick to emphasize that this event “could be a friendship match.” It’s about finding someone that might offer extra companionship, to add enrichment outside of family, children and grandchildren,” she said.

Each participant received a blank sheet to list names. As the timer began, icebreaker questions about hobbies and family filled the room.

And really, the patio at the Royale has always been dog-friendly, which means that you could do some unsanctioned speed-dating there with your pup any day you choose.

Gay, straight, poly, human, canine — the courtyard is open to everybody.

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