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She’s tiny, barely coming up to Lewis’s shoulder, has a baby face, and is wearing a sailor dress.

As Lewis talks, Gale chews gum and fiddles with her sunglasses; at one point, she puts them in her mouth.

Let me introduce the rule of half your age plus seven.

What you should do is divide your age and then add seven.

Remember, although he is younger than you, he is still interested in having a woman flirt with him.Let’s calculate an example: if you are a 46-year-old woman, divided by 2, it would be 23 years, when you add 7, the lowest age you date someone is 30 years old.If we look at the opposite and the oldest age, it would be 30 multiplied by 2, which is a 60-year-old man.A woman with self-control, excellent self-esteem and a great dose of security will drive every young man crazy.Young men will see older women as a source of stability, maturity, and experience.

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