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I think the best they could do would be to lay the "magic of life" at the feet of natural laws and then propose those laws were "invented" by God.

DNA can't be the whole story, simply because environment plays such a strong role - we aren't simply the result of our DNA, context matters at least as much.

Dave and that this information determines the form of a living creature.

So, I'm wondering if someone has a stronger refutation.

I've never understood the "DNA has information" thing. Do hydrogen and oxygen have information in them to form water? To me, and I'm sure someone will put me straight, DNA and its influence on building an organism is simply a more complex series of reactions.

An enterprising man, Codrington had come to Antigua to find out if the island would support the sort of large-scale sugar cultivation that already flourished elsewhere in the Caribbean.

His initial efforts proved to be quite successful, and over the next fifty years sugar cultivation on Antigua exploded.

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