The ladder dating

Well, let me put it this way - it's not impossible to actually attack his theory - but it's like trying to talk to a toddler with their fingers in their ears that won't listen to you.

It seems to me the facts and numbers are made up--or at least, aren't backed up by anything).It might have been more interesting without such an obvious bias.When Harry Met Sally was funny, but on the second page when the author started talking about ******* and whores, I just skimmed a little and then stopped.I think it's more for men to read and say, "Totally, man! " Furthermore - he basically says that all women want is money and if they don't say that - then they are liars. And if you say that the most important thing you look for in a man isn't money - then you are just a liar because the most important thing that ALL b*tches - which is 99.9% of women - look for is money. Do you honestly think that this would appeal to women?

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