Tips for dating your spouse consolidating u16

Between work, different shifts, running a business, working late, grocery shopping, sleeping, the children, and actually really being tired.But it is necessary and very important to keep dating and keeping your spark alive.For some local NC date ideas, visit our blog, Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day. Whether a few days, weeks, or months after the wedding, something begins to happen to “that lovin’ feeling.” A man and woman just seem to lose the wind in their romantic sails. Their plight reminds me of seamen back in the days of wooden vessels.Sailors in that era had much to fear, including pirates, storms, and diseases.

You can plan your dates weeks in advance or months.

We bring work home, stress home, frustration home, anger home, and tiredness home. Talk about good memories and good times while eating dinner together, drinking tea or grabbing a snack.

And we don’t leave it at the door, we bring it straight into our peaceful home. Slap her booty while she’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast (it isn’t inappropriate, it’s your wife), slap his butt while he’s getting dressed or sneak a soft kiss. The point is, you don’t have to go out all the time to enjoy the presence of your spouse.

And sometimes it affects how we respond and react to our spouse. When you hear the phrase, “date your spouse” we automatically think it means to take your spouse out to a nice restaurant, spend money, then make love to your spouse to end the night off right. All you need is some free time, a free house, and a creative mindset.

It’s not like we mean to, but at times we let stress outweigh what’s right. Wives, get a new outfit, get your hair and your nails done. Date your spouse with purpose, with love, and with genuine intention.

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