Top 10 most intimidating animals

Stepping on one of these causes swelling to quickly move through the body, leading to severe pain, difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, and, in extreme cases, paralysis and death.Honeybees generally keep to themselves, spreading pollen, manufacturing honey and not bothering humans unless humans bother them (seriously, your average backyard honeybee is not one of the most dangerous animals, and probably wants nothing to do with you).

Another of the deadliest animals in the “looks beautiful and harmless, is actually super deadly” category, these brown-and-white snails that live in the warm Caribbean and Hawaiian waters hide a set of harpoon-like “teeth” (actually called “radulae”) packed with conotoxin, which wrecks its prey’s nervous system, paralyzing it before it devours it.

Native to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and, as per its namesake, India, these hooded creatures are immediately recognizable and can grow five to six feet long.

Their bites cause severe pain, swelling, and paralysis, with death occurring in as little as 15 minutes for those left untreated.

But just as often it’s an attack at the hands (or fangs or stinger) of a creature that we wouldn’t have imagined could bring sickness and death.

Big and small, slow and lightning-quick, here are 30 of the most dangerous animals in the world. If you they don’t terrify you in the wild, they’re bound to pop up in your nightmares.

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