PS-20 Tube Rectifier Power supply I was so pleased with the new Rev.

E Aikido noval stereo PCB, which holds two polypropylene-based RC filters, one for each channel, that I decided to create the PS-20 power supply.

New Aikido All-in-One PCB with Tube Rectifier I liked the PS-Tube power supply so much that I decided to add it to the Aikido Noval PCB, making a new All-in-One design.

I own many, say 30, old-school power transformers that offer center-tapped high-voltage secondary and both 5Vac and 6.3Vac windings. They just aren't suited to modern tube circuits that use both solid-state rectifiers and regulated eater power supplies.

In other words, both channels would share the single high-voltage B voltage and ground, but each channel's heater would get its own independent voltage regulator.

Friends and readers had been telling me for years that giving each channel its own heater power supply improved the resulting sound.... F I made a few changes to the Aikido noval stereo PCB, so it is now in revision F.

Simple and self-contained, the PS-Tube-SS PCB holds two cascading RC filters for the high-voltage outputs and negative-bias-voltage power supply and 12Vdc power supply for the input stage...

New Octal Aikido All-in-One Much like its brother noval PCB, the new octal Aikido All-in-One stereo PCB uses a tube rectifier for establishing the B voltage and a voltage doubler for the regulated heater power supply....

New PH-2 Phono Stage I have replaced the old PH-1 with the new PH-2. Aikido PCBs, the PH-2 uses only polypropylene power-supply reservoir capacitors in its four power-supply RC filters.

The culprit might be the heater-to-cathode capacitance, which could provide a path for inter-channel mixing of signals... Two reasons: you power it with a 12Vac wallwart and yet all the Aikido Mojo obtains. The PS-3 holds a regulated heater power supply and an RC filtered B voltage power supply that contains either two 470µF/250V or two 150µF/450V reservoir capacitors. New Revision to Tetra Phono Preamp I decided to make some minor changes to the Tetra Sans PS PCB, changing its size and adding some extra functionality. For example, the Hammond extruded enclosure is 8.66 inches long and a bit over 6 inches wide; with some care, the new Tetra PCB will fit inside.

New Tube Buffer: ACF 12Vac The Aikido 12Vac has a brother, the ACF 12Vac. Well, my expectation is that this new ACF 12Vac will prove even more popular. I have used this extruded box many times before, for example with my 12Vac Aikido PCB, as shown below...

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