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Using Apple's Time Machine backup software, the Time Capsule captures hourly images of files that are altered, condensing older images to save space.The 2 TB Time Capsule retails for 9, while the 3 TB Time Capsule retails for 9.With the Air Port Disk feature, users can plug a USB hard drive into the Air Port Extreme to function as a network-attached storage device for both Mac and Windows clients.Both USB hubs and printers are also supported, allowing shared wireless printing.The Air Port Express, when connected to an Ethernet network, is designed to act as a wireless access point, like the Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule.It supports 50 networked users and can be used to extend the range of an existing network.The Air Port Extreme features three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, a USB 2.0 port for disk and printer sharing, a built-in file server, and support for Air Play.Though the Air Port Extreme uses the same hardware as the Air Port Time Capsule, with space for a hard drive, it is not possible to connect a third party hard drive within the device.

Though it takes up more volume than the previous generation, at 6.6 inches tall, its 3.85-inch base gives it a smaller overall footprint than the previous Air Port Extreme.Apple's Air Port Express supports Air Play, allowing it to stream audio from a computer running i Tunes or an i OS device to a stereo system or Air Play-compatible speakers and it supports wireless printing.It comes with 2 Ethernet ports (WAN AND LAN), an analog/digital audio output jack, and a USB printer port.While both the Air Port Extreme and the Air Port Time Capsule were last updated in June 2013 with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but the 802.11n Air Port Express has not been updated since 2012.The Air Port Extreme is Apple's fully-featured high-performance Wi-Fi base station, which was given a significant update and radical redesign in June of 2013.

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