Updating drupal themes

Here is the issue: Plugin Manager Part 2 : The update status UI I've been working out some wireframes of how the process might look, and I wanted to share them with the planet to see what people thought of them.So without further ado: What’s really behind the success of Drupal 8?

Always test new updates on a development site before applying them to your live, production site.

It will generate a codebase that cannot be easily upgraded via Composer. In this tutorial, we will use the most versatile and recommended solution, documentation for more information on its features.

Taking an existing Drupal application that is NOT managed with Composer and beginning to manage it with Composer can be a little tricky.

I’ve entered the D7 ux fray, specifically focusing my generous amount of Acquia community time on getting a project called the Plugin Manager spruced up and into core.

For more background on the effort, see: Plugin Manager in Core (part 1).

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