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I made a change in the properties of my BEx Query, and also tried unchecking 'Associate List of Values'.I am just wondering what settings in my BEx Query, Universe, and Web I will give me my desired result. Hi Mohammed, I have a document from the sdn which explains briefly about the issue, am facing in the environment. rid=/library/uuid/908df006-6ff2-2e10-aab5-b1060a166c7d Hi, I still have the issue even after modifying the Web I Parameters in the client / server properties and doing the delegated search option in the universe, my LOV doesn't retrieve the value in the list.

Hi Sivakumar S, I tried recreating a field like you mentioned and it still gives the same result. Just to add some more information, this report is being built off of an OLAP Universe pointing to a BEx Query pointing to a Multiprovider.Can some one give an idea what's going wrong in Info View.I am able to get the account# in Web I Rich Client.I have a good internet connection and speed (60Mb). I cannot make and I assume receive phone calls during this process. This is poor programming, and/or a disregard for the customer.- Must use Ooma Contact list for programmed/stored numbers, which does not support star codes.

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