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For the same reason that the young couple of “Knocked Up” doesn’t get an abortion after finding out that they’re pregnant, the young doctors of “Grey’s” are far from celibate, because the theoretical point of the series is to investigate what happens when doctors who probably shouldn’t be sleeping together cross the line anyway. But on screen, Dempsey and Pompeo’s chemistry and body language make it clear that Derek’s interest in her is not unwanted, and that while her concerns are valid, there’s no coercion in play here.(That’s a common pilot trope, also seen on shows like “Quantico.”) As fans of the series know, the story doesn’t end there, but the show openly acknowledges the problematic aspects of their relationship right from the beginning. The ultimate takeaway is that the ongoing relationship Mulder and Scully share might have had its ups and downs, but while their personal and professional relationships did get tangled, the show did acknowledge those moments at times, especially when Scully’s health was on the line or Mulder’s own romantic past raised its Mimi Rogers-shaped head.Here’s a bit of banter from Season 1, Episode 2, as an example: Meredith: I’m not going out with you. Those episodes, airing in the late ’90s, perhaps represented a dramatic peak for “The X-Files,” one which I personally ate up at the time.Ever since #Me Too began, there’s been hand-wringing over the question of “are we just never allowed to flirt with anyone, ever again?

Those are the facts of the scene — except they don’t include the performances, the actual feel of the moment.The sort of skill set the people who try to initiate inappropriate relationships with their co-workers apparently seem to lack.Who simply don’t care about how their actions might affect others.While every company’s HR policies may vary, for the most part workplace romances are often permissible, as long as they’ve been properly disclosed and don’t take place between a direct supervisor and subordinate.Oh, and most importantly: As long as both parties are on board.

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