White label dating web design

There is a lot of financial risk borne by a service provider who has one or two big clients.

Financial certainty helps me sleep at night, so if 30% of our revenue was at risk every day… Barring catastrophe, it’s unlikely that a large percentage of your customer base is going to churn over the course of a month, let alone a day.

A white label customer will seek input from their business partners or want to see a proposal. We’ve spent 4 months trying to white label our Word Press support service to agencies, developers and hosting companies.This post will outline the challenges we faced with white label and we hope it’s useful for you in your business. Trying to be all things to all people will make you lose focus. Another wanted monthly maintenance and maybe a few fixes. Agency owners have different problems than our core customers.When you actively seek your ideal customer, it’s simple: they will pay or they won’t. If you have a good product or service, people will pay. We save them from wasting time on their Word Press site. When your core differentiator becomes price, you’re in trouble… Solve the problems that your core customers have, everything else is noise. This makes some people very uncomfortable, which is OK.There’s a fancy term for making a mess of your own market – it’s cannibalization. If they can’t understand the model, that’s also OK. The problem lies in the fact that we are competing with the agencies we were trying to pitch to. Consider how long it takes to establish a good business relationship with a website client who’s had bad experiences and been overcharged by a few dodgy developers.

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