Who is dating the jonas brothers

Their last studio album underwhelmed commercially in 2009, prompting a hiatus, and their last musical incarnation struggled to gain a foothold before they officially disbanded in 2013.Over the last few years, Nick and Joe (alongside his group DNCE) have been busy establishing solo careers.They weren’t even unique to the brothers within the Disney stable; Miley Cyrus also wore one.But the cultural fascination with male virgins made them the most famous — and surveilled — possessors of Christian virtue after Britney Spears and before the recent Bachelor Colton Underwood.

By the time of their second album and arena tour in 2008, the now-famous purity rings had become a talking point and major press angle around the group.But Disney was less interested in their songwriting than their marketability.The Disney effect started with a video and promotional blitz for a song originally from It’s About Time, which they didn’t even write.By 2010, according to leaked Disney research, the ruthlessly fickle tween audience was obsessed with a different kind of franchise: Twilight and star Taylor Lautner.“If you went to school with a JB backpack, other people might think you’re dorky,” one young girl told Disney’s marketing team.

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