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It evolved after a five-year run into the more tightly scripted "Degrassi Junior High," which ran for three years, to be followed by two years of "Degrassi High." That series revolved around a group of kids, tracking them from the beginning of junior high until high-school graduation, using actors whose ages were within one or two years of the characters they played, carrying story lines from season to season without ever entirely resolving them.(The story was finally completed in a TV movie of the week called "School's Out," broadcast in 1991.)From its heyday in the late 1980's until its current renaissance, the "Degrassi" series thrived as a cultish, almost accidental, phenomenon.

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"I maintain that one of the things that makes ' Degrassi' work is that we do quite gracefully blend education and entertainment, but I am completely aware that you have to entertain first. The current show is the latest iteration in a series that began in 1980 as "Kids of Degrassi Street," a quasi-documentary project that emerged out of theater workshops with local kids.

In Honolulu, shrieking kids wearing homemade "I Love Ashley" T-shirts gave Melissa Mc Intyre candy leis they had strung themselves.

The paucity of official "Degrassi" swag only adds to the show's punkette, do-it-yourself appeal.

"The garage-band ideal is where I present something to you and say, ' You've got to check this out,' " he said. You can still tell more people than not about the show, and they're like, ' I've never heard about it.' Fans aren't threatened by its popularity."From the start, "Degrassi" hewed to a singular formula: telling kid stories from a kid's point of view.

But that didn't stop the writers from projecting their own messages onto teen-vetted behavior. viewers wouldn't see a teenage girl push her way through a crowd of anti-abortion protesters (shoving plastic fetuses at her) on her way to a clinic.

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