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While the Fray has been lyrically spearheaded by Slade, King co-writes almost all of the songs.

In an interview, King stated that his lyrics were mainly inspired by his experiences with the band: "With success, you have a lot more drama.

"The first record was full of fear" Slade explained and the band was worried that this was the only chance they were going to have to get their music out.

By the time The Fray LP was released, their new concern was hitting a "sophomore slump." Slade was quick to state that now the band is just concerned about "releasing a bad-ass third record." The first two albums were built out of Slade's need for "everybody to like me" and a "nice guy shell" he says he had growing up.

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We also had the chance to interview lead singer Isaac Slade who graciously answered our questions on everything from the pitfalls of working in the mainstream music industry to the self-doubt that plagued him while working on his first two albums to the frustrations of often being singled out as a "Christian" artist.

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Commenting on his working with Allen, King said that there was "a good vibe in the studio".

Photo By Danny Clinch Piano rock giants The Fray are dropping their long-awaited third full-length 2/7 on Epic Records.

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