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Visit Sitcoms Online for sitcom news, message boards, links, theme songs, and more.To upload photos, please choose the appropriate category and login with your existing message board username and password.We’re seeing a combination of the apocalypse movie and the teenage romantic comedy, and unfortunately there’s little that’s new here.We see a portrayal of the character’s apocalypse delusions as quirky.I have to take that into consideration in case this work is very personal to her. And a teen movie isn’t complete without its equally dysfunctional adults.There are her parents Grace (Helene Joy) and Rodger (Peter Keleghan) who are on two minds about her doomsday obsession.Writer-director Michael Seater has previously explored strained friendships and unrequited loves in his previous film .Lauren Collins, a woman open about her own issues, also worked on the film’s story. He’s a friend of Sadie’s who isn’t as alarmed with the latter’s changes. His character actually makes an interesting foil against both Sadie and Brennan.

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