Who is rihanna dating october 2016

There’s another theory floating around that Rihanna found out Campbell had been saying ugly things about Rihanna to Jameel in an attempt to keep them apart.It’s possible all or parts of these things are true and the friendship finally reached a breaking point or perhaps (we hope! After all, sometimes friendships are put to the side in the beginnings of a serious love affair.

This appears to be the beginning of the end of her short-lived relationship with Drake.

Drake is no where to be found, and while Campbell isn’t either, she had model-related work obligations that may have made attending impossible.

October 2, 2016: Rihanna and Campbell are spotted in Paris arm in arm, seemingly happy as larks.

As it relates to where she’s been spotted, keep in mind Hassan was born in Saudia Arabia, and he graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo in 2001, plus has an MBA from London Business School.

As well, he continues to have business dealings in Tokyo related to both the university and Abdul Latif Jameel aka ALJ, a family business he helps run that owns the rights to the distribution of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

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