Who was emma watson dating

The teenage of every 90’s kid was spent watching the “Harry Potter” series.

Who can forget those whimsical scenes and magic wands along with a brilliant cast?

Just like Watson, he loves nature and adventure and loves to photograph his travels.

Before hiding his Instagram account, sources also discovered that he has a good sense of humor, is in great shape, and enjoys musicals with Watson. Although the list may not be complete, here is what has been reported.

“Harry Potter” which was a huge success at the box office making a gross £6 billion paid Emma Watson million for her outstanding work.

She accumulated more riches later on earning £2 million, starring in the movie “Beauty and the Beast.” She also shared the profit made by the film which made her around £10 million for her princess role.

She has won over 20 Awards out of around 55 nominations.

Women around the world get inspired by her speeches in which she supports education & equal rights.

She has helped the UN propagate the ‘He For She’ campaign and was also the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014.

As of 2019, Emma Watson has a net worth of around 0 million.

However, being a feminist, she also faces criticism.

Do you know the young star was called a hypocrite in 2017 for a photo shoot wherein she went bra-less?

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